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Wannabe A Writer TV Show Title CardThe Pilot for the Wannabe a Writer TV Show.

Part Two is now available!

And if you missed it…

Watch Part One… below!

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Would you like to see us make the series?

We’d love to hear your comments.

If you want to be considered for a future programme click here.

64 responses

  1. Jane, I have always enjoyed your column in Writing Magazine and your TV programme is a natural and superb extension to it. Katie Fforde’s comment about ducklings struck a chord. I’d love to watch the whole series on TV.

  2. I think this programme is a wonderful idea and I hope that it gets taken up. Jane is the perfect presenter and the experts, Carol Blake and Katie Fforde, give excellent advice. Looking forward to seeing how Delphine gets on!

  3. This is so good, Jane! This second part really cut to the chase and gave Delphine (and the viewer) something tangible to go away and work on. Katie has a lovely way of giving advice while remaining positive and enthusiastic.

    I really wish you well in this venture! I’d love to watch such a series and I hope it comes to fruition very soon. Good luck!

  4. Great stuff! I preferred the second show to the first. Like Rachel, the quote about the ducklings struck a chord with me, too! (I also want Katie’s house, please!)

  5. So enjoyed this second show and what a lot of great advice Delphine got from Katie. Hope she can put it into practice. This is often tougher than one imagines it will be, especially dealing with making a complete new start to the novel. Loved the positivity of Katie’s replies to Delphine, but that’s what so lovely about her. What a wonderful mentor to have!!!
    Look forward to watching more… and Jane, you’re fab on it too!!!! :0)

  6. Corinne Armstrong | Reply

    This programme is long overdue. A “Watercolour Challenge” for wanna be writers and I love it. I am sure I am not alone in having a row of “how to write” books lying dormant on a book shelf gathering dust (sorry Jane) but to be able to relate the theory to real people, to glimpse into the world of real writers and agents and be priviliged to listen to real conversations is just so inspiring. More soon please. Thank you.

  7. Jane, Thank you for making this show, it was such a useful way of understanding the pitfalls around getting published. Please make a series.

  8. Dear Jane, fantastic! It was such an eye-opener seeing Carole’s style of critique compared to Katie’s. Carole simply told Delphine what was wrong with her piece but Katie actually told her, through brilliant examples of her own work, how to fix it. For writers new to the world of professional writing it was an invaluable insight into what an agent will expect and how essential it is to get someone whose judgement you trust to work WITH you on your piece. I’d definitely watch a whole series and will actually watch these 2 episodes again to glean all I can from Carole and Katie’s comments.

  9. Really enjoyed both episodes, and very tempted myself to apply for the show now 🙂 I’m teetering on the precipice of the click send button!

    Just given it a mention on my blog too, hope you don’t mind on

    I shall be re-watching the episodes now to get some more insight as I found both Carole and Katie’s comments really helpful 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for all the comments – glad it’s gone down well. Don’t forget Carole and I will be doing it “live” at the Chipping Norton Lit Fest – do come and watch if you are in the vicinity – or be brave and apply to be critiqued! 🙂 Details on this blog – see tabs above. thanks to you all again janex

    1. Jane, love it all, the whole concept, but when will it actually be on TV? Or have I, as usual, missed it?

  11. It’s high time budding novelists had this x-factor opportunity! Brilliant! I know I’ll benefit from the comments made by CB and KF

  12. I thought the show was terrific. Not a big fan of reality TV normally, but this is a show I would definately watch. More please!!

  13. I too would love the opportunity to be on the show and have my book looked at. It’s just the thought of all those camera close-ups that puts me off!

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