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Wannabe A Writer TV Show Title CardThe Pilot for the Wannabe a Writer TV Show.

Part Two is now available!

And if you missed it…

Watch Part One… below!

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Would you like to see us make the series?

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64 responses

  1. Good Luck Jane Be With You In Spirit Break a Leg X

  2. Inspiring. 2 clients in 6 years at 25 submissions per working day .. that means wading through a lot of slush to find occasional nuggets.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Reconfirmed stuff I knew, brought to surface stuff I knew and had stashed in a cobwebby corner of my mind, taught me some new things and gave me a glimpse of the awesome Carol Blake (we are not worthy.) Not bad for less than 13 mins viewing. Delphine has more guts than me that’s for sure. Am expecting full series on BBC4 shortly. Good one Jane. 🙂

  4. Great presence Jane – Bravo – best of luck to you.

  5. This is fantastic and accessible. A great opportunity for those brave enough to appear (my heart was in my mouth, listening to Carole’s initial verdict!) and sound advice for all writers. Mental notes have been made…looking forward to the next one.

  6. Daf your awesome xx

  7. I need to read the story of Lola!! It sounds brilliant! Well done Daf !!

  8. Wow, well done Delphine for being so brave! Carol sounds formidable but I guess that is all part of the job. Looking forward to part 2.

  9. I really enjoyed this, Jane. You packed a lot into a short space of time and did it very well. Delphine, you are very brave to put yourself and your writing on the line in public. I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see part 2.

  10. Would love to see this as a series, great stuff. Will be priceless to anyone who wants to know what it’s really like to face the most-feared.

  11. Margaret Morton Kirk | Reply

    I think this could be a very interesting show. Carole Blake’s comments seemed pretty constructive to me, and I did wonder if Delphine had had a chance to prepare properly for meeting one of the industry’s big-hitters, but it will be fascinating to hear the mystery guest’s input and how Delphine reworks her first chapter with this in mind.

    In the rest of the series, I think it would be good to see writers at different stages of development, and of course over a range of genres. Interested to see how this develops!

  12. Well done Delphi. Keep at it. It seems like a long hard slog but someone’s got to do it! Good luck and I hope the series does get made. I watched one about becoming a Mills and Boon author which was fascinating so I think there is a definite audience out there. Anne x

  13. Excellent; really useful for a first-time novelist. The advice about character and plot is crucial stuff. What a great opportunity to get feedback. My first book (Snakebite) is more or less completed, but to be honest, I’m too much of a coward to apply to appear on the show. Will enjoy and learn from it all the same.

  14. This is really excellent and useful… picked up a few tips myself too. Well done and can’t wait to see the next part.

  15. As a freelance editor, I work with lots of aspiring authors – I hope we’ll be seeing this series very soon!

  16. New Perspective | Reply

    one word…inspiring.

  17. You HAVE to make a series! Fascinating show.

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed the trailer and can’t wait to see the next installment. Delphine’s writing made me laugh out loud in places, which is very unusual for me, and at the next turn was immensely sad. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  19. Well, I think this is a brilliant idea for a show. I thought Delphine was great. I thought Carol was a bit rude and patronising but maybe she’s going for the Simon Cowell of publishing. Not sure I would have been so polite…

  20. Interesting show and agree with Margaret’s comments above, it will be interesting to hear what the mystery guest has to say – I wonder if Carol has told Peter James “you have to end somewhere” on his Roy Grace detective series!!
    Well done Delphine – keep going we want to hear more about Lola

  21. A very good idea for a series: informative for aspiring writers and for readers just interested in the artistry behind the text. Very brave to put yourself in the firing line, Delphi. Looking forward to part two. Best wishes, Chris.

  22. Fascinating stuff…Delphi obviously has the talent to make it in such a difficult business…I’m dying to read the rest of the book….well done Delphi, you should be really proud of yourself!

  23. Love this Jane 🙂

    Good luck with it, and good luck to Delphine!


  24. Really odd seeing friends on telly! Been waiting to see this since – er – Wales…

  25. Well done to both Jane and Delphine – it’s a total corker. Who would have thought that a programme about writing could have such emotional impact – I felt physically sick when you were both in the taxi on the way there. What did surprise me was that Carole Blake seems quite nice really – I had imagined her as a real scary Mary – sort of like one of the top female detectives in Scott and Bailey but in a literary setting. Can’t wait for the next one.

  26. This looks a great programme, some real interesting nuggets. As an aspiring writer I’m tempted but not sure I’m brave enough. Well done Delphine and good luck with your novel. I’ll be keeping a close watch for the programme and the book!

  27. Yes great idea for a program. I thought Delphine was very brave but I also thought the points given to her by the agent were all very valid and covered some basics (POV etc) which writers need to take on board at a very early stage either from books/courses on writing and/or attending writing circles for feedback. Good luck with the program – something new and interesting.

  28. Excellent trailer for a series of programmes – one I’d watch avidly. I’m submitting my work to an agent for for the first time ever in September – think I’m better prepared than Delphine, but we shall see … and that ‘two in six years’ is both terrifying and (sort of) empowering.

  29. Really interesting, what a great idea!

  30. Congratulations Jane on an original and interesting idea. I’m sure there’s a ready audience for this one. I shall be glued to each programme.

  31. Great show, Jane. It would work well as a series so long as you work with writers at different stages in their writing, and with different industry professionals. That way, it stays fresh, rather than becoming formulaic (as so many of the reality shows have).

  32. Delphine, how brave you are…

  33. Fantastic Jane. It will make a really good series. Lots of luck.

  34. Great bit of reality TV – how brave was Delphine! And what sage advise from Carol Blake. Wished I’d been able to get such insider tips right at the start. Point of view is sooooo difficult when you’re starting out. Can’t wait for part two 😉

  35. A worthwhile reality show – amazing! Excellent advice from a professional agent even if it was delivered a little sternly. Really hope this programme gets off the ground and reaches a wider audience on tv.

  36. I’m really looking forward to seeing the next instalment! Jane, I think your presenting style is a perfect combination of Mary Portas and Kirstie Allsop. I really hope the show gets picked up and we can have a full length season with different genre’s and varied wannabe authors. (I might even put myself forward)

    Carol was patient and honest in my eyes, giving sage advice; what an amazing opportunity for Delphine… I’m excited to see how the rest of Delphine’s journey plays out and what happen’s to Lola….

  37. Christine Sutton | Reply

    Great idea for a series, Jane, but I felt for Delphine. Being exposed to the advice of a straight-talking agent so early on could have put her off completely and I was glad she showed that she was slightly piqued about it afterwards. By the end of the encounter I was wincing for both of them. Carol is clearly someone who’s more familiar with dealing with authors with many more writing miles on the clock and it would have been kinder to both had those basics about POV and so on been sorted out before the meeting. That way, Delphine’s work would have been a little more polished and given Carol something more solid to comment on. This was interesting to watch but not comfortable.

  38. Terrific Jane, and a congratulations on making a long-overdue programme that not only wannabe writers but published writers will find fascinating. I shall definitely be a regular viewer.

  39. Well done Delph, I’d like to see the unedited version though, best wishes.

  40. Fantastic, Jane, and I congratulate you on doing such a superb job! I agree with so many comments made here, and I really felt for Delphine during her interview with Carole Blake. It was a shame that she was really so unprepared, but then this will serve as a warning to others I think. This is a long overdue programme for many wannabe writers and many published writers too. I’ll look forward avidly to watching Part 2. Best wishes with this venture, Jane.

  41. I have a book in me I would like to get out. Out of my system, out into the open. Would I face the firing squad? Yes, yes, yes! Charm offensive or just offensive? You tell me. Tell it like it is. Yeah, I like the show so much I want to be on it! Why not? I can take it, can I make it? My sister says when you make something people only notice the mistakes. Make no mistake, she’s right! You gotta believe in yourself. If someone else wrote it, would you read it? Yes, in fact I’d say I wish I said that! No rom-com, no thriller here, but thrills and spills all the same, I hope! If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the you-know-what. Cook book? No. A book? Maybe. I’d like to find out.
    Great idea for a show, wanna-be’s meet reality, reality bites! Maybe, some day, Susan Boyle, if you watch long enough! There’s gold in them thar hills! But a lot of dross…
    I would watch this show, hope it comes to be.

  42. Keep going Daf xxx

  43. Interesting idea for a show. I feel it will demonstrate to a great many wannabe’s that it takes a great deal of confidence in your writing and determination to ‘get it out there’ to succeed. Good! Wake up and smell the roses!

  44. What a great idea for a programme, Jane, and brilliant to have done this pilot. I really look forward to more. Delphine was so brave! Though I don’t think she really knew quite what she was letting herself in for.
    I agree with a couple of others that also having writers at different stages of development would be an interesting variation.
    Good luck with it all! 🙂

  45. Ingenious and fresh idea for TV. I know I , along with many friends will be watching this. Very useful as I am in the process of writing a novel with the intention of a career in fiction writing. It is not as easy as it sounds – Urgh! a cliche!
    Let us see more of the Lit. agents and publishers in action aswell.

  46. Jane,

    Fantastic. Got me hanging on at the end wanting so much to see part two. This is a must to be shown on TV!

    Keith Large

  47. Hi Jane
    Met you several years ago when you presented me with a prize for a short story. I have your “Wannabe a Writer” book which I’ve found very useful. Would love to see part 2 and to know how your budding author gets on. Changing p.o.v. is a contentious issue and I’ve always thought it should be used with care – ideally not in the same scene or even the same chapter. I think the publisher was right when she said that she wasn’t sure that Delphine did understand this point. Delphine will need to listen to the experts very carefully it seems to me.
    Ken Baker

  48. Love the trailer and love the idea. Carole was simply being honest and fair. I would lap up specific criticism that leads to better writing. Beta readers such as friends, family and even writers’ groups rarely come straight out with it in a ‘brutal tough love’ fashion when/if they identify cock-ups. Delphine was very brave, and I think she was a tad defensive merely because she was nervous and very much a newbie. If somebody had helped her a little prior to the show, advised her how to incorporate back story later, ironed out/explained POV, it might not have been so uncomfortable to watch. I really felt for her and wish her all the best, principally because I love her opening lines! Anyway, great idea for a show, Jane. Really looking forward to the next bit.

  49. Nothing of this nature on television for an aspiring writer. I, and I’m sure many members of writers’ groups would welcome such a programme. Great inovative idea.
    I did, a long time ago, fill in a questionaire for Sky TV; they were asking what sort of programmes people might like to see. I suggested more about books and writing, but nothing seemed to come of it. Good luck with this venture, Jane.

  50. Ron Jameson September 15. (11.05pm)
    I didn’t have the courage to have someone vet my work before it was finished until now. Have been used to writing broadcast serials for youth (against acute deadlines and timing to the second) with my late wife who was a real writer, poet and broadcaster. She taught me most of the craft. I saw your video to see if it would hep me. It did. Formidale (but pleasant) ladies have no fear for me now that I am 90. I do not travell distances now so I try to get all the help I can from viseos and contacts. Perhaps it is working. I have had 5-star reviews for my first (self published) book.
    I hope I’m not the only nonagenarian who can still bustle about and DO things. Ron

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