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Stephen Arkell

Stephen is an award winning journalist, writer, TV producer/director and corporate communications expert with extensive business and digital media expertise.

He’s been a Book Editor & Business Reporter, News Editor, Freelance TV Reporter and Series Producer for the BBC, Senior Producer at ITN, Programme Editor for British Airways TV, and more recently Managing Director for Retina Productions.

In 1990, Stephen co-authored ‘Open Verdict’, a popular book investigating the mysterious deaths of 25 British defence scientists. The book gained national and international press coverage and was subsequently adapted as a BBC TV drama.

Stephen is also a partner in Brain Men – The Quiz Professionals, providing bespoke entertainment and events for blue chip clients, City firms and national charities.

His websites are and

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  1. […] myself. It was she who single-handedly set up – thus allowing Stephen and I to get on with making the show and just pop in and out to add  a bit of content in between […]

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