TV Show Application Form

wanna_be_cover blogFor your chance to appear on the TV show, please complete the application form below. This project is currently ongoing so there is no deadline. An announcement will be made on this site in due course. Good luck if you enter!

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  1. Jane’s books “Wannabe a Writer” and “Wannabe a Writer we’ve heard of?” have been my bibles over the past few years ….so whether I get considered or not, she really deserves this show

  2. […] Blake is a star and this would be unmissable. Jane is looking for more wannabe writers. Click HERE for the application form. It might be the right time for […]

  3. Fingers crossed for my application! What an absolutely amazing opportunity. Thank you!

  4. Lizbeth Crawford | Reply

    Fantastic viewing. Thanks for the opportunity to apply.

  5. What a great idea!

  6. Our advanced novel writing group have used the first two programs to start us off in discussion – what we have learned and what we noticed – e.g reader imprinting – ducklings (just loved that!)

  7. I have both of Jane W-J’s books and now I’ve actually had a (non-fiction) book published, am reading the ‘…we’ve heard of’ one for the second time and following her excellent marketing ploys. I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot programme even though I felt a little worried that the budding author was meeting the great Carole Blake so early on. Scary!

  8. An interesting idea which I am sure will attract many applicants and viewers.

  9. I’ve just filled out my application for the TV show. Am sure it will be an exciting event.

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